Google’s Artificial Intelligence Now Has A Higher IQ Than Apple's Siri

At the point when Siri first came online in 2011 — as the flagship feature on the iPhone 4s, it was a novelty AI software no doubt.

The early form of Siri wasn’t very powerful though, however it could answer generally essential inquiries and handle rather straightforward assignments, for example, setting updates.

In subsequent updates, Siri turned out to be significantly more capable, notwithstanding including relevant awareness en route.

Similarly as essential, Siri’s capacity to parse and comprehend language enhanced significantly also.

Despite the fact that Siri’s capacities today are much further developed than the rendition that launched 6 years back, it’s not as though Apple has the market cornered on artificial intelligence – powered assistants.

Unexpectedly, Siri today faces firm rivalry from various tech giants, including Amazon, Microsoft, and obviously, Google.

Setting contending insightful assistants against each other is nothing new, however a group of specialists at Cornell as of late executed a somewhat novel approach.

As indicated by HotHardware, engineers at Cornell chose to pitch various contending Artificial Intelligence assistants each other to figure out which has the highest IQ.

At the end of the test, specialists found that Google’s Artificial Intelligence has an IQ of around 47.28, putting it marginally beneath the IQ of a normal six-year old.

Siri, interestingly, didn’t fare that well, with analysts finding that Apple’s Artificial Intelligence checked in with an IQ of 23.9.

Obviously, in case you’re interested about real life performance instead of a scholarly assessment, you might need to look at this video which saw Siri in iOS 11 clash with Google Assistant.

At any rate, it’s overwhelmingly evident that Siri today is light years further developed than it was once upon a time.



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