Apple Acquires Yet Another Startup To Boost Its Artificial Intelligence EffortsApple procured a little Artificial Intelligence – focused messaging startup this week.

This is just another of its acquisitions lately, that have all been identified with AI and machine learning.

A week ago Apple bought the French PC vision organization Regaind. Earlier in the year Apple had bought SensoMotoric Instruments and Lattice.

These organizations are altogether different, covering various segments of AI and machine learning. concentrated on analyzing and automating messaging between organizations and their clients.

Regaind focused on analyzing photographs for details, and additionally technical quality.

SensoMotoric Instruments created eye-tracking and movement detection techs for use in augmented or virtual reality glasses.

Lattice focused on the search and analysis of “dark” or unstructured information.

For what reason did these organizations appeal to Apple? SensoMotoric Technologies appears like the most self-evident, particularly if Apple is building up a couple of AR-based glasses.

They have IP that I’m certain Apple saw as significant to those sorts of endeavors. In any case, for whatever is left of the organizations, these look more like acqui-hires, where acquiring the talents involved with the specific organization’s business is the main objective.

The most fascinating thing about the most recent move to get the little workforce at (there are just six individuals right now part of this startup) is that their main business is by all accounts outside of Apple’s main region of core interest.

Be that as it may, while they were venture massaging-focused, the innovation of analyzing and automating massaging could have a great deal of utilizations with Siri.

We have seen Apple patents demonstrating their work in having Siri react to text queries and inquiries in iMessage.

We likewise got the new Text-To – Siri feature in iOS 11’s Accessibility settings this year.

The workers involved with appear like a solid match to build the conceivable outcomes of Siri beyond what it can do right now.

We are all aware Apple is still behind with regards to Artificial Intelligence. Be that as it may, they at last aren’t paying lip service any longer.

They are currently truly invested into becoming involved in this field and making AI and machine learning essential parts of their products and OSs going ahead.

These acquisitions and the new ability that accompanies them are indispensable parts of that push to close the gap with organizations like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

In spite of the way that none of these acquired organizations are huge, the way that Apple has made four of these acquisitions in just 6 months is critical.

It would appear that Tim Cook and his excos have chosen to put their huge profits to use, and are talent hunting to acquire effectively, getting startups off the ground and demonstrating the value of their ideas and thoughts.

Its good to see Apple chasing AI and machine learning space aggressively now, and actually putting their huge cash to good use.



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