How Big Data is Solving Major Cyber Security Issues

Big data and big data analytics is showing big promise with enhancing cyber security.

90% of respondents from MeriTalk’s new U.S. government study said they’ve seen a decrease in cyber security breaches.

84% of respondents said they’ve utilized big data and big data analytics to help obstruct these cyber security threats.

Not astounding, organizations that are as of now big data analytics users have a more prominent measure of certainty with regards to utilizing big data analytics to identify cyber security threats.

An article in ITWire states that, “on 11 common cyber security threats, the greatest gaps concern the company’s capacity to identify sophisticated malware/ransomware, compromised gadgets (e.g., credential theft), zero-day attacks and malicious insiders.

The smallest gaps concern denial of services, electronic cyber attacks and spear phishing/social engineering.”

Staying aware of the Volume

Obviously, there are still many difficulties as new cyber security threats are turning up day by day.

Of those studied, 53% said they are utilizing big data analytics for their general methodology and 28% are utilizing it in a limited capacity.

Indeed, even with this, 59% said that their given organization has been bargained in any event once every month since they were not ready to keep up and completely break down the information.

Out of these participants, below half say their endeavors are exceptionally powerful. When inquired as to why, they listed these top difficulties:

  • 49% said it is a result of a overwhelming volume of information
  • 33% aren’t gathering the information they require in light of the fact that they don’t have the correct systems.
  • 30% say it didn’t work in light of the fact that the information is stale when it finally reaches a cyber security manager.

Big data can be ineffective for cyber security threat analytics if it is ineffectively mined for enhancing cyber security.

While the metadata is accessible, it can be hard to get the greatest advantage from it.

Some of the time the issue is finding the perfect individuals who know how to mine information for patterns.

A Big Data Solution

Cyber security needs the risk management and actionable intelligence that is common from big data analytics.

While it is awesome to have tools that can analyze information, the key is to automate tasks with the goal that the information is accessible all the more rapidly and the analysis is sent to the right people timely.

This will enable experts to order and arrange cyber security threats without the long delays that could make the information irrelevant to the current cyber security threats.

Big data will likewise help experts to picture cyber attacks by taking the intricacy from different information sources and improving the examples into visualization.

Having the capacity to use the information in its crude format enables disparate information to be helpful with what is going on right now, as well as with historical information.

Utilizing this historical data, you can make statistical baselines to distinguish what is “normal.”

You will then have the capacity to decide when the information goes astray from the normal.

In some cases it’s easy to miss indicators when they are offered in real time; be that as it may, they may have new significance when they are viewed after some time.

This historical information can likewise make new possibilities for predictive models, statistical models, and machine learning. This gives the capacity to anticipate future occasions.

Be that as it may, it’s what you can do with this information, if anything, that can make the difference between being attacked or not.

All things considered, data is just simply information unless a move is made towards enhancing cyber security.

Having the capacity to consequently react to cyber security threats seen in information, and furthermore having the capacity to have an high level of trust in the accuracy of the information is vital to a major cyber security threats solution.


Some may trust that big data will rapidly tackle the issues of the cyber security threats.

Actually big data and big data analytics will enable organizations to recognize oddities and sophisticated cyber security attack vectors.

SentinelOne utilizes machine learning matched with cloud intelligence and automated responses to detect abnormal action and react when you require it.



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