In the last couple of years, the terms machine learning (ML) and deep learning have started showing up every now and again in numerous tech news and sites.

The real difference between machine learning and other statistical techniques, similar to data mining, is a prominent subject of level headed discussion.

In laymen’s language, Machine Learning and data mining processes utilize a large number of similar algorithms and methods yet one noteworthy distinction lies in what the two strategies predict.

While data mining is utilized to reveal already obscure patterns and knowledge, Machine learning is utilized to replicate patterns and knowledge that are already known.

Data Mining vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning - The Dirrefences

Machine Learning

Machine Learning gives algorithms that solves the issue in light of the information, and the solution develops with time.


  • Recognizing new clients
  • Foreseeing lottery numbers
  • Recognizing oil spills on ocean surface

Data Mining

Data Mining is utilized to extricate regularities from a big data set as a component of a business cycle.


  • Customer Churn
  • Direct mail targeting
  • Fraud Detection

Headways in tech and computing power of the present day’s computers have helped Data mining systems advance for use in machine learning.

For instance, neural networks are being utilized as a part of Data mining applications for a considerable length of time. With the assistance of greater computing power, you can develop neural networks with a few layers.

In machine learning, these are named as deep neural networks. Expanded computing power is the way to empowering robotized learning in neural networks.

Notwithstanding Deep neural networks, there are a set of algorithms known as simulated neural networks that depend on our knowledge of the human brain.

In principle, artificial neural networks can model any sort of connection inside a dataset, however in all actuality getting solid outcomes from neural networks can be exceptionally hard.

As of now, another field of neural network research known as deep learning is utilized as a part of regions where various artificial intelligence approaches have not been successful before.

Deep learning joins computing power and different sorts of neural networks to contemplate complex examples in a lot of information.

Right now, these are the advanced systems that are utilized for recognizing objects in pictures and words in sounds.

Scientists are presently attempting to apply these advanced methods in more intricate tasks, for example, medical diagnosis, automatic language interpretation, and different other social and business issues.

Machine Learning is generic in nature and finds its application in various conditions. The significance of data mining is more on the usage of known information gotten from a particular source.

Now and again, data mining is additionally used to enhance the effectiveness of machine learning algorithms.

Final words

While data mining is utilized to enhance machine learning algorithms, Machine Learning gives a solid premise to understanding the nuts and bolts of data mining.

The two can be utilized viably to crack different sorts of complex issues. The two terms have solid similitudes and these two terms would prone to exist together in future.



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