Lots of newbies to data science might think  that this field is just about R, Python, Hadoop, SQL, and conventional machine learning precedures or statistical modeling.

In this post you will discover some powerful articles that depicts how modern, broad and deep data science truly is.

Most data scientists are actually doing none of the above. Some don’t even code, rather, they make applications interact with each other, in a machine-to-machine communication framework.

It is safe to admit that most data scientists use R, Python and Hadoop-related systems though.

The article on deep data science (below) portrays that data science is also about automating the assignments that a lot of people (calling themselves data scientists) do routinely.

What is Data Science? 24 Powerful Articles Answering This Question

Moreso, it can be carried out utilizing very little mathematical/traditional statistical science. Simply put: data science is all about automating data science.

Most of the articles referenced below are a few years old, but their content is even more relevant today than ever.

These powerful articles would most likely help the data science newbie have a better comprehension of what data science truly is. Some are a little technical, but most can be understood by everyone.

24 powerful Articles About Core Data Science



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