Ever Seen An Exploding Smartphone? Here's What It Looks LikeWe’ve all gotten to pictures of the repercussions of an exploding smartphone, regardless of whether it be a totally wrecked smartphone, the damaged property, or even bodily damage.

Yet, we seldom witness the real moment the smartphone bursts into flames and the frenzy that results.

A recent video shows the minute a smartphone catches fire and it’s especially frightening.

The recording from a surveillance camera shows the smartphone inside the front pocket of a hotel worker in Indonesia blasting into blue blazes.

You can see the man trying to get the phone from his pocket as it’s getting heated up before it detonated into blue flame.

Shockingly, the smartphone exploded in his face right when the man looked down to examine the warmth that for the most part goes before a detonating phone.

Following a couple of moments, the man figures out how to get his shirt off with the on-fire smartphone still inside the pocket.

Naturally, he couldn’t remove the phone from his pocket with his bare hands.

In the wake of removing his shirt with the assistance of a few people close to him, the man can be seen gripping his face.

Ideally he didn’t get excessively hurt by the episode and he makes a snappy recuperation.

The smartphone was identified as a Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, which was launched in 2013, as reported by Channel NewsAsia.

The happening ought to quickly remind any individual who stays updated with tech news about the exploding Galaxy Note 7 disaster, where various Note 7 smartphones detonated because of defective batteries.Ever Seen An Exploding Smartphone Here's What It Looks Like2

In all actuality any phone can detonate when it’s exposed to any couple of elements, as an excessive amount of warmth, harm, or notwithstanding utilizing shabby third-party chargers, which can cause harm to a phone’s battery.

This video, for instance, probably demonstrates an iPhone 7 blowing up. It’s not clear why that alleged iPhone 7 blew up, but rather it’s not the first iPhone to blow up.

It’s best to always utilize the charger that came along with your cell phone, utilize a third-party charger from a legitimate brand, or one that is sold from a trustworthy store, similar to the phone creator itself, or a telephone carrier.

Here’s the video of the detonating Galaxy Grand Duos:



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