Google Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Hide Crashing Android Apps on the Play Store

As indicated by a blog post on the verge, Google is intending to utilize machine learning algorithms to examine “performance information, user engagement, and user ratings” on the Play Store’s applications, and downgrade buggy, crashing ones to prevent them from ascending to the highest top of the lists.

This implies the most visible applications in the Play Store will be less inclined to crash, perform strangely, or even request a greater number of authorizations than they should.

The search giant had just set up artificial intelligence algorithms to determine application’s quality, however it’s presently following up on its discoveries to really curate Android’s advanced store.

Few months ago, Google announced the new “Android Excellence” program, which enlarges what was known as the Play Store’s “editor’s Choice”. There are presently a few human-curated classifications of rotating applications that Googlers change once in a while to feature applications that they believe are great.

The main issue the new machine learning-powered algorithms have is that, since they act to some degree autonomously, there is no chance for engineers to know whether their application is getting downgraded and why.



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