How To Effectively Protect Your Password From Artificial IntelligenceIn this previous post we discussed How Artificial Intelligence Can Be utilized to guess Passwords. We stated how Artificial Intelligence can beat password guessing tools.

In this post we will discuss how to generate a very strong password, that is Artificial Intelligence proof.

Just to emphasize the story

Since people are predictable , we can see trends and patterns in leaked passwords to guess passwords.

Hackers can compose rules for password generation utilizing these trends and patterns.

Afterward, conducting a dictionary attack will help in guessing the password. Team of researchers as of late utilized neural networks to discover these trends and produce passwords.

Thus made the procedure totally automated. They beat conventional password guessing devices.

So how do we create a password that can’t be guessed by Artificial Intelligence?

Try not to utilize first name, last name, interests, and so forth

At whatever point you utilize social media, you leave a digital footprint. Artificial Intelligence can examine your public posts to discover your interests.

On the off chance that you have utilized names of celebrities or the vehicles, bikes you love and so on. There is a decent probability that you are vulnerable.

Try not to utilize regular phrases as passwords

A few people utilize bible verses or commonly spoken words as their passwords. This will be a piece of the word reference and can be broken effectively.

Maintain a strategic distance from Leet Speak Passwords

Individuals endeavor to substitute letters in a word with numbers or images to keep away from dictionary attack (like I10v3f0rd). Be that as it may, neural networds can create such passwords considering leaked dictionaries.

Utilize a password generator or password management system 

I would propose solutions like LastPass which can create and store your passwords. Ensure you access such solutions with two-factor authentication.

Code a secret phrase

I would in any case propose utilizing a password management system. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to make a password that can be recalled, at that point utilize this strategy.

Compose a significant occasion of your life in two sentences (Make beyond any doubt nobody thinks’ about it).

“The year 2013 was hard. Fortunately, I was bolstered by my great companions Anand and Naresh.”

Then take the 1st letter of each word, keep numbers or symbols as it may be. Put them together. Here is the password Ty2013whL,IwsbmgfAaN.

Check the quality of your password

Utilize password quality checker to discover how solid your password is. Ensure you do with tools that have offline mode like How Secure Is My Password.

Utilize various passwords for different accounts

The issue with utilizing same passwords on numerous accounts is that. In the event that one service gets hacked and the passwords are leaked. This would include your other account as well.

Utilize two-factor authentication

Have a go at utilizing two-factor authentication however much as could be expected. So regardless of the possibility that your password is leaked, the hacker won’t have the capacity to sign in. In spite of the fact that some say two-factor is unreliable, this is as yet our most logical option.



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