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Be that as it may, the Apple is now deferring the launch of the iPhone X to November and one of the sole explanations behind this could be the OLED production vissues, which drove Apple to launch the iPhone 8 series with a LCD screen.

In the event that we are to trust The Wall Street Journal’s report, Apple’s OLED issues could lead it to launch another LCD iPhone along with the next year’s OLED iPhone.

The iPhone 8 series was launched alongside the iPhone X in order to keep Apple’s vaults streaming with money before the iPhone X could show up in the market.

The iPhone is basically an iPhone X underneath, with a couple of fancy bits, for example, FaceID and bezel-less display taken off.

Apple’s OLED provider for the iPhone X is Samsung Display, which is having issues in creating OLED panels according by Apple’s request.

With a specific end goal to beat the production issues, Apple will take a supply of OLED panel from LG in 2018, as LG is setting up a devoted plant to produce OLED boards for future iPhones.

Yet, it could take a while for LG to meet Apple’s demand, which is the reason Apple could be working on a successor to the iPhone 8, potentially the iPhone 9, which will have a LCD display.

It would likewise bode well for Apple to produce an iPhone 9 as the iPhone X began the OLED series.

Likewise, Apple could hope to bring the bezel-less outline on the iPhone 9 with the utilization of a full dynamic LCD display — a panel that permits more slender bezels and is as of now utilized as a part of Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2.

Nonetheless, the greater part of this is as yet talk and it could be a while before Apple shows anything about 2018’s iPhone lineup.



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