apple music on androidIn the event that you need to listen to Apple Music on Android, it’s simple. You would now be able to download Apple’s streaming music application straight from the Google Play store. In any case, there are a couple of things you should know before you do as such.

4 things you must know about Apple Music on Android:

1) Despite everything you will need an Apple ID

With a specific end goal to utilize the Apple Music application, you have to make an Apple ID or utilize a current one.

After you download the application, it will incite you to pick a monthly plan of $9.99 a month, a family get ready for up to 6 individuals at $14.99 a month, or an student discount plan at $4.99 a month.

You won’t be charged until after the three-month free time for testing closes.

When you enter an Apple ID and confirm your card data, you are good to go to customize your music exp on the application.

2) You can’t use Siri

At the point when the application was first launched for Android, it was launched in beta and had two or three bugs.

Despite the fact that a considerable measure of them have been fixed, there are as yet a couple of drawbacks to the application.

Much the same as the iOS Siri, Android’s Google Assistant can play any music you might want to tune in to when told to do so.

You should simply hold down the home button or say “Ok Google” to turn on Google Assistant and ask “play (artist or song) on Apple Music.”

However, voice control is just restricted to that particular activity, dissimilar to Siri which can queue multiple songs at one time.

3) You can’t transfer music to your Android gadget

Apple music users can just add songs to their library by tapping the “+” alongside a song or bringing in from their iTunes library.

This can disappoint for Android users who have a host of music on their phone as of now, particularly since that impediment isn’t there with Google Play Music.

Moreover, as per the app’s reviews on Google Play, there are bugs like delayed start times for songs, automatically skipping a track while its playing, and slacking all through.

4) But you will love Apple’s radio stations

In spite of the fact that the application has veiled itself with an Android interface, regardless it has the dominant highlights of the iOS rendition.

When you sign into the application with your Apple ID at first, Apple Music prompts you to pick your most loved genres and musicians to enhance its curated playlists and radio stations.

Users can get to the playlists and music they’ve acquired on iTunes beforehand and can download tunes and playlists for offline tuning in.

Apple Music’s coveted Beats 1 Radio stations depend on your own inclinations and are prepared to stream whenever, alongside elite radio shows like Drake’s OVO Sound Radio, Frank Ocean’s Blonded, and other on-request playlists.

Everything considered, there are just two reasons why you’d need to download Apple Music on Android: If you switched recently from an iOS gadget and need access to your past iTunes library or you essentially can’t live without access to Beats 1 Radio shows.

Otherwise, there are better music streaming applications for Android, the best being, Spotify.



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