Your Smartphone Is Making You Unhappy, New Study Reveals

British researchers claim to have found no less than one of the reasons for your terrible moods: your smartphone.

an you were before grabbing your smartphone, as indicated by a recently published study from Nottingham Trent University.

As per the scientists, the principle culprits were notifications identified with work, and also those identified with phone updates and Wi-Fi accessibility.

“It is clear that social notifications make people happy, but when they receive lots of work-related and or non-human notifications, the opposite effect occurs,” Dr. Eiman Kanjo told UK newspaper The Telegraph.

For sure, notification from friends bouyed participants’ states of mind, and helped cultivate emotions of having a place with a group.

To assemble the data, the researchers welcomed participants to download an application that would gather data about their smartphone’s notifications over a five-week period.

Taking all things together, the researchers observed 50 members as they got over 500k notification over a five-week period, self-reporting their responses in a questionnaire three times each day.



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