Here’s a list of the top 10 most active data science, machine learning and big data influencers on LinkedIn, ranked by their number of followers, and constrained to those who were active in the last three months.

Those that didn’t publish anything, or anything relevant to data science, Big Data, or Machine Learning on LinkedIn since June 2017, were excluded.

Top 10 Most Active Data Science, Big Data and Machine Learning Influencers on LinkedIn

Let’s hope you enjoy reading through each of the profiles.

1. Bernard Marr, (1,121k), 41% increase.

2. Josh Bersin, (610k), 43% increase.

3. DJ Patil, (551k), 83% increase.

4. Dennis Mortensen, (315k), 145% increase.

5. Carla Gentry, (227k), 355% increase.

6. Tom Davenport, (209k), 145% increase.

7. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, (208k), 274% increase.

8. Ronald van Loon, (32.7k).

9. Kirk Borne, (23.7k), 149% increase.

10. Vin Vashishta, (14k).



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