2Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Applying AI In Cyber Security

Artificial intelligence can help secure our most significant assets – our Home, offices, bank accounts, vehicles, families, and information.

As tech turns out to be further developed, so do the methods of hackers, which are now much more advanced than 10 years ago.

Over that, we are creating more data than any other time in recent history crosswise over exponentially more connected gadgets.

Particularly with the Internet of Things (IoT), a large number of our household products are presently connected to the internet.

This include but not limited to our fridges, TV, sound systems, door locks, thermostats e.t.c.

At the point when our tech is so embedded into our lives, we need to do all that we can to secure and protect it.

That is the point where Artificial intelligence comes into cyber security.

These smart machines can give their everything to remain one foot ahead of even the most advanced and sophisticated hacker.

These 10 organizations are integrating Artificial intelligence into cyber security for a more intelligent and smarter, more secure future.

10: Cylance

Cylance is ” first organization to integrate Artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning into cyber security and enhance the way organizations, governments and customers proactively find solutions to the world’s most troublesome cyber security threats and issues.”

Rather than to utilize improved blacklists and whitelists, Cylance can break down and distinguish what is safe and what isn’t, utilizing complex algorithms, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Since it can foresee and counteract cyber security threats, cyber security breaches turn out to be much less regular so tidying up is less of a problem.

9: Harvest.ai

Harvest.ai can spot and avert cyber security threats in real-time, however it does significantly more than that.

Harvest.ai learns which records and different documents are mission basic and gives those tighter security by means of artificially intelligent analytics.It likewise screens user conduct to see any progressions that may imply toward a potential cyber security threat, even insider threats, so they can be foiled before they ever happen.


JASK utilizes Artificial intelligence to recognize cyber security threats and enables expert to organize the most critical threats.

Utilizing quick big data along with their Artificial intelligence technology, JASK furnishes experts with less false alerts and more imperative ones.

7: High-Tech Bridge

High-tech Bridge blends human intelligence and Artificial intelligence in a combined cyber security choice.

They particularly concentrate on web vulnerabilities utilizing their product “ImmuniWeb” which boasts of an amazing zero false positive rate and is less expensive than conventional infiltration testing choices.

6: Status Today

Status Today is utilizing Artificial intelligence to better comprehend human conduct in the working environment.

This helps to increase effectiveness and communication, as well as security.

Since the Artificial intelligence sees how internal workers from the organization work and perceives potential inner threats.

Status Today’s products incorporate with major enterprise software, for example, Exchange and Office 365 and also organization servers and others.

They have effectively gotten standard consideration and in addition over $1M in financing.

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