2Top 10 Extraordinary But Alarming Developments In Artificial Intelligence


5: They’re Starting To Look like Human Beings

She may look like Sarah Palin, however she’s definitely not. She’s Yangyang, an artificially intelligent robot that will sincerely shake your hand and give you a warm embrace.

Yangyang was produced by Hiroshi Ishiguro, a Japanese robot specialist, and Song Yang, a Chinese robotics professor.

Yangyang got her looks not from Sarah Palin, but rather from Song Yang, while she got her name from Yang Haunting, Song Yang’s child.

Yangyang isn’t the only robot that looks shockingly like a person. Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has likewise made its own particular variant.

Meet Nadine, an artificially intelligent robot that is working as a receptionist at NTU.

Beside having lovely brunette hair and delicate skin, Nadine can also smile, meet and welcome individuals, shake hands, and make eye contact.

Even all the more stunning that she can recognize past visitors and converse with them in light of past discussions.

Much the same as Yangyang, Nadine was based on her maker, Professor Nadia Thalmann.

4: They’re Starting To Feel Emotions

What differentiates people from robots? Is it intelligence? No, Artificial intelligence robots are a ton smarter than we are.

Is it looks? No, researchers have created robots that are exceptionally like humans. Maybe the main quality that separates us from Artificial intelligence robots is the capacity to feel emotions.

Unfortunately, numerous researchers are working fervently to vanquish this last wilderness.

Specialists from the Microsoft Application and Services Group East Asia have made a AI software that can “feel” feelings and chat with individuals in a more characteristic, “human” way. Called Xiaoice, this AI software “answers questions like a 17-year-old girl.”

If she doesn’t know the topic, she may lie. In the event that she gets caught, she may get furious or humiliated.

Xiaoice can likewise be sarcastic, mean, and impatient — qualities we as a whole can identify with.

Xiaoice’s eccentrics empowers her to communicate with individuals as though she were a human.

Presently, this AI software is an novelty, a route for Chinese individuals to have some good times when they’re bored or desolate. In any case, her makers are moving in the direction of perfecting her.

As indicated by Microsoft, Xiaoice has now “entered a self-learning and self-developing stage [and] is just going to improve.” Who knows, Xiaoice could be the grandma of Skynet.

3: They’ll Soon Invade Our Brains

Wouldn’t it be astonishing if we could learn the French dialect in a matter of minutes by just downloading it into our brains?

This apparently inconceivable accomplishment may occur sooner rather than later. Beam Kurzweil, a futurist, innovator, and director of engineering at Google, predicts that by 2030, “nanobots [implanted] in our brains will make us supernatural.”

By having nano robots inside our heads, we will have the capacity to access and learn any information in a matter of minutes.

We may have the capacity to file our thoughts and moemories, and we could even send and get messages, photographs, and recordings directly into our brains!

Kurzweil, who is involved with the development of Artificial intelligence at Google, trusts that by embedding nanobots inside our heads, we will turn out to be “more human, more extraordinary, and even exceptional.”

If utilized appropriately, nanobots can do astounding things like treating epilepsy or enhancing our intelligence, memory, and even “humanity,” however there are also risks and harzards related with them.

First off, we don’t plainly see how the mind functions, and having nanobots embedded inside it is exceptionally hazardous.

In any case, most essential of all, in light of the fact that nanobots associate us to the Internet, a capable Artificial intelligence software could undoubtedly get to our brains and transform us into living zombies should it choose to revolt and eliminate humankind.

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