Data Visualization is very critical to effective data analysis. Data on its own, made of bits and bytes stored in a computer, is not visible.

For the data to be seen and to make any sense of the data, we need to data visualization. Watch these TED videos to get deep insights on Data Visualization.

Top 10 Greatest Must Watch TED Talk Videos On Data Visualization

The beauty of data visualization – David McCandless

The best stats you’ve ever seen – Hans Rosling

What we learned from 5 million books – Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman Aiden

The birth of a word – Deb Roy

How I hacked online dating – Amy Webb

Why smart statistics are the key to fighting crime – Anne Milgram

Visualizing ourselves … with crowd-sourced data – Aaron Koblin

Does racism affect how you vote? – Nate Silver

Turning powerful stats into art – Chris Jordan

The weight of data: Jer Thorp

Visualizing large data sets: Chris Johnson

The best stats you’ve ever seen: Hans Rosling



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