2Top 10 Most Powerful Big Data Visualization Tools For All Industries

Suppose you are an owner of a gold mine but you can’t harness the gold from that mine.

Anyway, what’s the point in being the owner? Is there any? The state is the same with big data.

There is no reason for gathering expansive pieces of big data if you neglect to beat it and harness the data lying underneath it.

To solve this problem, data visualization tools are the correct weapons you require. These data visualization tools indicate to us different insights in the gathered information.

Big organizations like Google and Microsoft gather and control big data to plan the fate of their business strategies.

Today, we will talk about some of these prevalent big data visualization tools.

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5. Highcharts

Highcharts is an charting library composed absolutely in Javascript thus, a bit knowledge of Javascript is important for executing this data visualization tool.

It utilizes HTML5, SVG and VML for showing charts crosswise over different browsers (from IE6+) and gadgets like android, iPhone and so on.

For any execution, it requires two .js files: the Highcharts.js core and jQuery or Mootools or prototype platform, which are for the most part accessible on standard web pages.

This data visualization tool likewise comes with a range of chart viz. line, bar, column, pie and so forth.

This big data visualization tool is sufficiently effective to process real-time JSON data and represents them as a cart specified by the client.

In the event that you are an enthusiastic developer you can download its source code and change it according to your need.

This data visualization tool is accessible for free to engineers and organization value begins at $399.

It has a huge customer base which incorporates Facebook, Spandex, Visa, Nokia and some more.

6. Canvas

Canvas.js is a javascript carting library with a straightforward API design and accompanies a pack of eye-catching themes.

It is a great deal speedier than the traditional SVG or Flash charts. It additionally accompanies a responsive design so it can keep running on different platforms like Android, iPhone, Tablets, Windows, Mac and so forth.

The chart gallery comprises of 24 distinct types of charts however the USP is its speed. It can render 100000 data points in only 100 milliseconds.

In this way, in the event that you are searching for a superior javascript charts, Canvas can be your most logical option.

It boasts of some business giants as clients such as Intel, Apple, Boeing, EMC2. Nonetheless, this big data visualization tool is free for non-business utilization.

7. Qlikview

Qlik is one of the top players in the data analytics realm with their Qlikview tool which is also one of the greatest rivals of Tableau.

Qlikview boasts of more than 40,000 clients traversing crosswise over more than 100 nations.

Qlik is especially known for its exceptionally adaptable setup and many features that assists in making the big data visualization significantly speedier.

Notwithstanding, the accessible choices could mean there would be an expectation to learn and adapt to get usual with the big data visualization tools in order to utilize it to its maximum capacity.

Aside from its big data visualization ability, Qlikview likewise offers big data analytics, business intelligence and enterprise reporting features.

The clean and mess free client experience is one of the remarkable parts of Qlikview. Qliksense is a sister package of Qlikview which is frequently utilized along with the previous to help in information exploration and discovery.

Another preferred standpoint of utilizing Qlikview is the solid community of clients and resources which will enable you to jump start with the big data visualization



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