A recent study found that we make very nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Industries today have access to various types of data gathered from different customer touch points including sites, business applications, social media pages, cell phones, web journals, reports, documents and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Be that as it may, simply assembling data isn’t sufficient to make a positive effect on your business. You have to analyze and transform the ordered information into bits of significantly useful data.

How about we take a look at these three manners by which companies are utilizing Big Data to drive basic business choices and improve their business performance and ROI:

Top 3 Ways Big Data Influences Decision-Making In Organizations

1. Real-time Data to Improve Customer Engagement and Retention

Customer service is a standout amongst the most vital territories in which companies must convey metrics today.

Organizations have been utilizing real-time data to offer one-on-one customized services and answers for its customers.

Kroger uses Big Data to offer customized loyalty programs to its clients. The organization uses the information gathered from around 770 million buyers to create significant insights that helps the brand in improving its customer loyalty and benefit.

Kroger claims that 95% of its sales are rung up on loyalty cards and has announced 60% redemption rates and over $12 billion in incremental income.

This has helped the organization remain gainful notwithstanding amid the worldwide recession.

2. Improve Operational Efficiency

Today, organizations are utilizing big data to automate processes, improve selling strategies, and upgrade the general productivity of their organizations.

For example, Tesla’s vehicles are implanted with sensors that gather information and send it to the focal servers for analysis.

This enables the organization to enhance the performance of their autos. The organization additionally advises singular vehicle owners about priority repair or servicing.

Another great utilization of Big Data is Tesla’s autopilot programming. Today, Tesla logs a bigger number of miles every day than the aggregate miles logged by the Google driverless car program since 2009.

It has likewise produced roadmaps for driverless autos by aggregating this information into the cloud.

These roadmaps are thought to be 100 times more exact than standard navigation systems. The upgraded autopilot programming helps coordinate an auto’s speed to traffic, direct path changes, and self-parking without the driver’s intercession.

3. Expanded Capacity Without Extra Investment

Would you be able to envision an expansion in customer base, without additional asset allocation?

Sprint, a telecommunications organization, utilizes Big Data analytics to diminish network errors, streamline assets, and enhance customer experience by utilizing real-time big data analytics.

This has helped the brand accomplish a 90% expansion in its delivery rate.

For what reason Should Professionals Prepare For a Career in Big Data?

Almost every industry today is enhanced with the usage of Big Data, and correspondingly, every vocation field is essentially enhanced when the capacity to gather and dissect Big Data is added to the blend.

Getting prepared in Big Data Analytics will enable you to expand your expert skyline. Here’s the ticket:

There has been an ascent in openings for work in the field of Big Data management and big data analytics in the last five years.

A study by the McKinsey Global Institute predicts a deficiency of just about 1.5 million examiners in the U.S. before the end of 2018.

A grouping of employment profiles and titles, for example, Big Data Engineer, Analytics Associate, and Metrics and Analytics Specialist are the absolute most sought after occupations in business today.

The pay of Big Data experts is higher than their other IT counterparts. Concurring to Randstad, a worldwide enlistment firm, the pay of Big Data experts is 50% more than that of some other IT experts in India.

Similarly, ITjobswatch reports a 14% rise in middle compensation for Big Data experts in the U.K. in 2016.

Setting yourself up with Big Data skills will enable you to remain significant and contribute towards the development of your organization, regardless of what industry that might be in today.


As more companies move towards a data-driven decision making strategy, it is imperative that companies encourage learning and put resources into their representatives to learn value-added certification in this area.

Organizations must take activities in supporting workers for relevant training programs on analytical tools and procedures that will arm their teams with the knowledge and abilities required to use data effectively for educated decision making.



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