There are a lot of open source Business Intelligence and reporting tools that assists organizations to collect, store, access and analyze data to settle on better choices.

Commonly, Business Intelligence tools integrates information from all over the industry and give solid data and insights by methods for self-service analysis and reporting.

They utilize various data analytics features including data, statistics and text mining and predictive analytics to uncover trends and transform data into insights.

Top 4 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools for Big Data Analytics

In this article, we exhibit four of the best open source business intelligence tools for Data Analytics.


The Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project is an open source BI software by Eclipse, which has two fundamental features: a visual report designer for making BIRT Reports, and a runtime for producing reports.

BIRT additionally incorporates three additional features: a Chart Engine, Chart Designer, and Viewer, which are utilized to create and publish reports as an independent arrangement.


JasperSoft is the world’s most famous embeddable open source Business Intelligence tools, empowering better decision making through exceptionally intuitive, web-based reports, dashboards and analytics.

It has a report designer, a reporting engine, a server repository, report scheduling and mobile Business Intelligence, alongside community forum and a wiki support page.


Pentaho is one other open source Business Intelligence tools that firmly couples information integration with business analytics in a platform that unites IT and business clients to effectively access, explore and visualize all information that influences business outcomes.

The business intelligence suite is available on-premise in the cloud or on-the-go (mobile). Pentaho’s reporting platform underpins various data sources and the report discoveries can be stored in all formats: HTML, MS Office Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, plain text and so on.


SpagoBI is an open source Business Intelligence tools that offers every one of the features one can demand a Business Intelligence suite.

To cover the entire Business Intelligence needs, SpagoBI integrates an extensive number of analytical capacities, including Reports, OLAP analysis, Graphs, real time dashboards, KPI models, Geo-referenced reporting, Cockpits, Free Inquiry (QbE), Data mining Office Documents, Analytical Dossiers, Real-time console, Smart Filter, and ETL/EII processes.



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