2Top 7 Crazy Artificial Intelligence Stats That Will Blow You Away

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly turning into the next big thing in the industry.

Chipmakers, software companies, tech firms, and hardware creators are all wagering that Artificial intelligence will make our cars more secure and our urban areas more efficient, enable us to discover disease-battling drugs quicker, and enhance our lives general.

The general public is by all accounts getting on board to play a part with Artificial intelligence also.

Research company, Strategy Analytics as of late found that 41% of buyers trust Artificial intelligence will improve their lives.

Some of what Artificial intelligence offers will be extraordinary (more secure cars) and some of it won’t be so incredible (work losses in a few industries).

Here are 7 Artificial intelligence statistics demonstrating the innovation’s effect in the years to come.

1. 1 billion camcorders could in the long run connect with AI software

NVIDIA says that by 2020 there will be 1 billion camcorders in urban communities around the globe, and it needs to utilize its new Metropolis AI software for urban communities to take advantage of those cameras.

The organization says Metropolis can detect and monitor crime, help to make the flow of traffic more effective, and filter video film substantially faster than humans.

NVIDIA is as of now joining forces with Alibaba in China, which implies it could possibly deploy Metropolis to one of the biggest “smart city” nations on the planet.

Alibaba has said its own AI system has effectively expanded movement speed by 11% in a test city in China.

2. 20% of organizations will commit workers to manage neural networks by 2020

This is an estimate originating from research company Gartner, which says that “Artificial intelligence keeps on driving change in how organizations and governments collaborate with clients and constituents.”

Neural networks are layers of AI system that enable Artificial intelligence computers to process data just like people.

Gartner takes note that Artificial intelligence has just been utilized as a part of many fields; one way is spotting breast cancer in mammography scans up to a year sooner than it would have typically been diagnosed.

Organizations will start assigning additional time and assets to neural networks since they can do some tasks better than humans can.

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