Big Data is a staggeringly valuable platform for any business, Small or Large. It enables brands to dive further into the data and insights that power their products, services and strategies.

For instance, you can utilize information gathered on past product performance to settle on a more educated decision about a future product launch or development cycle.

All things considered, Big Data in general isn’t precisely what you’d call accessible. First off, you have to deploy the processes and systems to gather useful information.

At that point, you need a team of data analysts/experts and data scientists to dissect it all and find actionable insight.

Top 7 Data-Driven Business Intelligence Tools To Make Big Data More Actionable

Lastly, you require somebody to take that practical information and put it to great use. An organization executive could very well not have a clear plan for, or comprehend the uses of, a niche set of data.

This doesn’t mean applying Big Data is not possible. It just means it’s a possibly involved and tedious process.

Normally, this can give companies and executives enough uncertainty to maintain a strategic distance from big data systems.

The amount of organizations utilizing predictive analytics to drive business strategies and decision making, for example, remains low at 29%, as reported in a 2016 PwC press statement.

Adoption for these systems and technologies is fast increasing, however not at the rate it should be.

So in case you’re hesitant to get involved with big data, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, there are big data tools and resources to enable you to deal with the transition.

1. Marketing ROI: Kissmetrics

Big Data isn’t just about the information itself. This implies regardless of the possibility that you gather client or guest information and utilize it further bolstering your good fortune, you’re not really utilizing Big Data completely.

In the present day’s profoundly advanced scene, gathering and analyzing data is decent. Keeping track of the quantity of guests or traffic referred to your site isn’t really “Big Data.”

A disturbing 61% of workers say their organization isn’t utilizing Big Data solutions in spite of gathering information routinely.

This all identifies with marketing, on the grounds that you’re continually checking on information to educate your actions and decisions.

The performance of a new product release will let you know weather or not the resources that went into it were advantageous.

If it fails to catch on, you know not to squander more resources on comparative products or services. However, once more, this is still just surface data — not genuine insights.

Kissmetrics is a data-fueled big data tool that can enable you to boost your marketing ROI and procedures.

It accomplishes something more than tracking data like site hits, heatmaps, demographics and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It really churns that information and releases usable intel. You can utilize the platform to make triggers that resound with your audience and further lift customer engagement and behavior.

2. Deals Calling: PhoneBurner

Big Data has turned into a key player in the development of present day sales and marketing departments.

Scarcely any cases represent this point superior to the ways in which Big Data has been integrated into modern sales calling software.

PhoneBurner is a power dialing company that automates the business calling process so that, when a potential customer answers the telephone, they are connected with a live sales rep (with no irritating pause in the middle).

In the event that the call goes to voicemail, the power dialers leaves your pre-recorded voicemail and coordinates the call status directly into a software dashboard so you can without much of a stretch follow up by means of email at a later time.

3. 3rd Party Integration: InsightSquared

One key hindrance in Big Data is fragmentation. There are such a significant number of tools, platforms, 3rd party portals and data streams that joining and parsing everything can be very overwhelming.

InsightSquared is a data driven tool that solves this with strong integration with 3rd party platforms and services.

It can connect with mainstream venture enterprise you’re likely officially acquainted with, for example, Google Analytics, ZenDesk, QuickBooks, Salesforce and that’s just the beginning.

The data is then mined and analyzed, making it more accessible to you, your teams and even stakeholders who don’t work with information frequently.

If you connect a customer relationship tool or CRM, it matches up the information to offer efficient lead generation, customer tracking, pipeline prediction and even profitability forecasts.

4. Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics: IBM’s Watson Analytics

Big Data solutions can offer some truly astounding insights into your business, clients and systems. Machine learning and predictive analytics are the best approach to accomplish this.

IBM’s Watson Analytics is developed based on the IBM Watson machine learning API to convey wonderful analytics of your information.

All the more essentially, it automates the whole procedure brilliantly to leave you more opportunity to concentrate somewhere else.

The best feature of Watson is that it brings together all data analytics projects into a solitary channel or source. It can be connected with marketing and sales devices, finance and HR, customer information and performance and significantly more.

Watson additionally utilizes a unique Artificial Intelligence system to convey “natural language” insights, which is a fancy method for saying the information it returns is straightforward.

5. Credit and Payment Analytics: TranzLogic

Cherish it or despise it, credit card transactions and related payment systems can convey boatloads of precious and fundamental information.

All things being equal, related data streams are not generally available — particularly to smaller organizations or teams — and they can be super mind boggling and complex.

TranzLogic is created to process this data and extract actionable intel. Need to quantify sales performance and customer trends or enhance promotions?

Shouldn’t something be said about utilizing payment information to enhance loyalty projects and lift engagement all over your customer base?

Likewise, it’s a turnkey tool that doesn’t require extra knowledge or experience. Regardless of the possibility that your
expertise lies past IT or data, you can in any case understand everything revealed through TranzLogic.

6. Customer Feedback: Qualtrics

Research can be significant to any business or brand. Truth be told, by carrying out surveys, studies and basic polls, you can acquire exceedingly helpful insights about your users and products.

For what reason do you think surveys and reviews are so popular on social media networks? Individuals love to impart their opinions. This is even an awesome approach to find and catch wind of new concepts or ideas.

Qualtrics is a customer feedback solution for related Big Data sources. With the tool, you access three unique sorts of real-time insights: market, customer and employee patterns.

This incorporates things like consumer satisfaction, exit interviews and market research.

You can even unlock academic research and mobile studies, as well. There’s a great deal of information here you could put to good use.

7. Long term Data: Google Analytics

Google Analytics likely needs no introduction. What’s exceptional about Google’s toolset is that it can enable you to extract long term data and details. For example, you get the opportunity to see where traffic is originating from and how that varies after some time.

With data like this, you can fill in any gaps. You could, for example, utilize this to further bolster your good fortune during the holidays to target common referrals through marketing and promotions.

Social media traffic is another incredible source of data, which is likewise tied into Google’s platform.

It’s to a greater extent a robust, multi-platform toolset that can be utilized to track the sort of data you’d need to track at any rate.

All the more significantly, it’s in a split second accessible through your web browser.



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